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მოგესალმებით, კეთილი იყოს თქვენი მობრძანება, ვიმედოვნებ ჩვენი აქტიური წევრი იქნები, ჩვენს  ფორუმი 2012 წლიდან მოდის, წლების განმავლობაში დაგროვილი ლინკები ხშირ შემთხვევაში მკვდარი იქნება, მაგრამ ჩვენს საიტზე  ხელს ნუ ჩაიქნევ , შემოდი და შენც მიიღე მონაწილება მის შექმნაში. მადლობა.


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Visual C Sharp 2010 Express Edition for Absolute Beginners (8, 9, 10 ) [2010] PCRec [En]

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ავტორი: LearnVisualStudio.net

დასახელება: Visual C Sharp 2010 Express Edition for Absolute Beginners (8, 9, 10 лекции)

წელი: 2010

ჟანრი: С#


ხარისხი: PCRec

დრო: 11:12:51

ვიდეოკოდეკი: AVC


ეს გამოცემა წარმოადგენს ლოგიკურ გაგრძელებას, და ამავე დროს და ბოლოს ვიდეო გაკვეთილები მდებარეობს: LearnVisualStudio.net | Visual C Sharp 2010 Express Edition აბსოლუტურად დამწყებტათვის [2010] [EN] PCRec

ვიდეოში განიხილება დეტალურად C#-i


VCS2010_08_01 – Introduction to SQL Server Stored Procedures

VCS2010_08_02 – Basics of Creating, Calling and Managing Stored Procedures

VCS2010_08_03 – Stored Procedure Input Parameters, Output Parameters and Return Values

VCS2010_08_04 – Understanding the Differences Between SQL Server Express and Compact Editions

VCS2010_08_05 – Understanding How to Retrieve Data from your Database into your .Net Application

VCS2010_08_06 – Retrieving Data with ADONET 2 in a Connected Scenario (SQL Server Compact Edition)

VCS2010_08_07 – Retrieving Data with ADONET 2 in a Connected Scenario (featuring SQL Server Express Edition)

VCS2010_08_08 – Managing Data with ADONET 2 in a Disconnected Scenario (featuring SQL Server 2008 Express Edition)

VCS2010_08_09 – Creating and DataBinding to a Strongly Typed DataSet

VCS2010_08_10 – Accessing Data with LINQ to Entities

VCS2010_08_Homework – Day 8 Homework Assignment

VCS2010_08_Solution – Day 8 Homework Solution

VCS2010_09_01 – Object and Collection Initializers

VCS2010_09_02 – Local Type Inference (var Keyword)

VCS2010_09_03 – Anonymous Types

VCS2010_09_04 – Extensions Methods

VCS2010_09_05 – Understanding Delegates

VCS2010_09_06 – Understanding Anonymous Methods

VCS2010_09_07 – Understanding Lambda Expressions

VCS2010_09_08 – Introduction to LINQ to Objects

VCS2010_09_09 – Examples of LINQ to Objects

VCS2010_09_10 – LINQ Projection

VCS2010_09_11 – LINQ Where Clause

VCS2010_09_12 – LINQ From and Join

VCS2010_09_13 – LINQ Quantifiers

VCS2010_09_Exercise – Day 9 Exercise

VCS2010_09_Solution_MethodSyntax – Day 9 Exercise Solution (Featuring LINQ Method Syntax)

VCS2010_09_Solution_QuerySyntax – Day 9 Exercise Solution (Featuring LINQ Query Syntax)

VCS2010_10_01 – Using LINQ to Entities to Work with Database Data

VCS2010_10_02 – Selecting Data Using LINQ to Entities Part 1

VCS2010_10_03 – Selecting Data Using LINQ to Entities Part 2

VCS2010_10_04 – Selecting Data with LINQ to Entities Part 3

VCS2010_10_05 – Inserting Entities Part 1 – Basic Syntax and Problems With SQL Server Compact Edition and Identity Columns

VCS2010_10_06 – Inserting Entities Part 2 – Working With SQL Server Express Edition and Inserting Related Entities

VCS2010_10_07 – Updating and Deleting Entities with the Entity Framework

VCS2010_10_08 – Working With Stored Procedures in the Entity Framework

VCS2010_10_09 – String Manipulation: Escape Sequences and String.Format

VCS2010_10_10 – String Manipulation: StringBuilder

VCS2010_10_11 – String Manipulation: Built-In String Functions

VCS2010_10_12 – Working with DateTime and TimeSpan

VCS2010_10_13 – Packaging Code and Referencing Assemblies

VCS2010_10_Homework – Day 10 Homework

VCS2010_10_Solution – Day 10 Homework Solution










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