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So, you want to be an Android developer? Good, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a dabbler, professional, hobbyist, or coding junkie, I hope you’ve picked up my book out of a desire to learn about the somewhat schizophrenic world that is mobile development. Specifically, I hope you’re interested in picking up the gauntlet thrown down by the Open Handset  Alliance’s Android team.
I took the opportunity to write this book because it’s clear that Android has the potential to open up the mobile space in ways that keep us jaded mobile programmers up late at night. Volumes could be written about the errors of past platforms and the shortsightedness of an industry whose greatest achievement, at least here in America, is selling several million ringtones. You and your peers
can bring about a long-needed change to the industry, perhaps bringing a much- needed breath of fresh air to an environment that, over the years, appears to have stagnated. You’ll have to forgive my enthusiasm; it has been a long wait

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