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Android Apps for Absolute Beginners

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Over the last two years, Google’s Android operating system (OS) has gone from a virtually unknown open source solution to the current mobile OS market leader among all mobile handsets, with over one-third of the market share, and it’s still climbing rapidly. Android has even started to dominate the tablet OS marketplace, and is also the foundation for the popular iTV OS known as GoogleTV. There seems to be no end in sight for Android’s rocketing success, which is great news for owners of this book.
  I’ve heard a great many people say, “I have a really phenomenal idea for a smartphone application! Can you program it for me!?” Rather than sit back and code all of these applications
for everyone, I thought it might be a smarter idea to write a book about how an absolute beginner could code an Android application using open source tools that cost nothing to download and
that are free for commercial use, and then leverage that new found knowledge to reach their dream of making their application idea a revenue-generating reality.


Thanks to open source and Google’s Android development environment, Oracle’s Java rogramming Language, Linus Torvald’s Linux operating system, the Eclipse code editing software, and this book, vaporizing a software product out of thin air, and at no production cost other than your PC and “sweat equity,” is now a complete reality.
The Target: The Programming Neophyte
As you may have inferred from the title, this book assumes that you have never programmed before in any programming language. It is written for someone who has never written a singleline of code before, and who is thus unfamiliar with object-oriented programming (OOP)
languages such as Oracle’s Java and mark-up languages such as XML. Both of these open source languages are used extensively in creating Android applications.
  There are lots of Java and Android books out there, but all of these books assume you have programmed before, and know all about OOP. I wanted to write a book that takes readers from knowing absolutely nothing about programming or knowing how to install a Software
Development Kit (SDK) and Integrated Development Environment (IDE) all the way to beingable to program Android applications using Java and XML.

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