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The Complete Android Guide

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Google's Android operating system for phones is definitely a moving target. During the production of this book's first version, the latest Android version available on a cutting-edge phone jumped from 1.6 to 2.2. In that time, too, phones made by HTC and Motorola became exceedingly popular, and modified versions of the Android interface, HTC's "Sense" and Motorola's various "Blur" versions, have become the de facto standard for what a new Android buyer sees. Different phones have seen updates at very different paces, with some phone owners still loaded with Android 1.6 and wondering if they'll ever see a ping from out of the sky about a new version ready for downloading. This guide was written with the newest version of Android in mind, running on Google's own Nexus One phone, though that changed from Android 2.1 to 2.2 somewhere in the middle of the text. It was also conceived, at first, as focusing on a "stock," unmodified Android interface, though the significant differences in the HTC and Motorola home screens, and particular apps, are covered. In short, we tried to look forward and diversify throughout, but especially where a difference might matter.

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