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Found 1 result

  1. Android Recipes, A Problem-Solution Approach View File Android is hot, and many people are developing Android applications (apps for short). Perhaps you would also like to develop apps, but are unsure about how to get started. Although you could study Google’s online Android Developer’s Guide (http://developer.android.com/guide/index.html) to acquire the needed knowledge, you might be overwhelmed by the vast amount of information that this guide presents. In contrast, this chapter provides just enough theory to help you understand the basics of Android. This theory is followed by several recipes that teach you how to develop apps and prepare them for publication to Google’s Android Market. What Is Android? The Android Developer’s Guide defines Android as a software stack – a set of software subsystems needed to deliver a fully functional solution – for mobile devices. This stack includes an operating system (a modified version of the Linux kernel), middleware (software that connects the low-level operating system to high-level apps) that’s partly based on Java, and key apps (written in Java) such as a web browser (known as Browser) and a contact manager (known as Contacts). Submitter GHOST_FATHER Submitted 02/03/2016 Category Android