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Found 1 result

  1. Android Wireless Application Development View File Pioneered by the Open Handset Alliance and Google,Android is a hot, young, free, open source mobile platform making waves in the wireless world.This book provides comprehensive guidance for software development teams on designing, developing, test- ing, debugging, and distributing professional Android applications. If you’re a veteran mobile developer, you can find tips and tricks to streamline the development process and take advantage of Android’s unique features. If you’re new to mobile development, this book provides everything you need to make a smooth transition from traditional software development to mobile development—specifically, its most promising new platform:Android. Who Should Read This Book This book includes tips for successful mobile development based on our years in the mobile industry and covers everything you need to run a successful Android project from concept to completion.We cover how the mobile software process differs from traditional software development, including tricks to save valuable time and pitfalls to avoid. Regard- less of the size of your project, this book can work for you. This book was written for several audiences: n Software developers who want to learn to develop professional Android ap- plications. The bulk of this book is primarily targeted at software developers with Java experience but not necessarily mobile development experience. More seasoned developers of mobile applications can learn how to take advantage of Android and how it differs from the other technologies of the mobile development market today. n Quality assurance personnel tasked with testing Android applications. Whether they are black box or white box testing, quality assurance engineers can find this book invaluable.We devote several chapters to mobile QA concerns, including top- ics such as developing solid test plans and defect tracking systems for mobile appli- cations, how to manage handsets, and how to test applications thoroughly using all the Android tools available. n Project managers planning and managing Android development teams. Man- agers can use this book to help plan, hire, and execute Android projects from startto finish.We cover project risk management and how to keep Android projects run- ning smoothly. Submitter GHOST_FATHER Submitted 01/25/2016 Category Android